Paulo D'Alberti

Ruby on Rails Developer | Project Manager | Soft Skills Trainer

Paulo D'Alberti

"Improvement, development, growth"

my motto
Get to know me


Who am I, my general background, my values.

If, like me, one of the first things you ask a person you’ve just met is where they are from, then know that my easy answer to that question is “I’m Italian, but I’ve lived most of my life in Czech Republic” (the hard answer involves 6 countries, one non-state entity, and a ton of cities I never get around to list all). Perhaps in part thanks to my background I’m fascinated by cultures: their history, their language, their people… where do all the differences come from and how do they define us today. But as much as I appreciate the diversity, I’m aware of the several conflicts that it produces, so this fascination of mine goes hand in hand with a desire to bridge the differences and find ways to further cross-cultural and international understanding.

But not all is global communication. I’d say my main driving principle is continuous growth: striving every day to be better than the day before. I love learning, debating ideas, discovering new things and trying them out. If there is something that I truly fear is the day when my mind will refuse to dare to change. But growth is hard and we often need help along the way, so I make sure to be there for others when they need it – be it as a teacher, trainer, coach, or just a friend.


What I know, what I can bring to a project.

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Microsoft Azure OCR
  • Heroku

  • Object - Oriented Programming
  • Web Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Cross-Browser Capability
  • Database Schema
  • Mockup Building
  • APIs and Scraping

  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Proactiveness
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Public Speaking


The projects that I’ve built.


Project allowing teachers to automatically correct and grade handwritten scanned exams using OCR.

Tokyo D&D
Tokyo D&D

Static page built using Rails tools (partials, render, JSON file as a database) with Middleman gem.

Find My Doctor
Find My Doctor

Service allows to find English speaking doctors in Japan and book an appointment online with them.

Star Empires
Star Empires

Practice of front-end (revealing icons from home button, turning cards, etc.), and class concepts.


Away From Keyboard

What I did and do outside of programming.

Public speaking

Training, Volunteering